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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The American Frontier, Empire, and Minding the Future

One of the most important yet least appreciated topics in American history (outside of academia) is that of the “frontier.” Long the purview of historians of the American West, it has reached a level of conversation that no serious historian of American culture and power (i.e., politics) can afford to ignore.  There is a large body [...]

Power and History

1.1 It seems that in periods of peril, confusion, and division, the best policy would be clear and direct communication.
1.2 However, modern societies do not explicitly make such accommodations. Indeed, the very idea of modernity is based on linguistic sleights and ironic jabs.
1.3 I can’t think of another period whose scientists, philosophers, and [...]


Of all human traits, perhaps the most common is misunderstanding—that we often assume we understand what we actually don’t, and act on the assumption.