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The disposition that moves some to outbursts of non-constructive, sometimes destructive criticism is too often a self-centered one and one that is grounded in fear. Who knows what the right response is in all cases—or whether or not there should always be a response. But it makes sense that a good response should [...]


1. The idea of “normal” human behavior is historically contingent.
2. (Historical) ideas are not always accidental.

Turkish Proverb

Who gossips to you, will gossip of you.

Song of My Brothers

I Know that we do not die
yet the problem remains
what we do here
and what matters
I do not speak of place
the way dirt is a thing under toenails
or eyes focus on a piece of glass.
I say Here, this is what I mean,
can You see,

The Search for Community in the Early New Right and New Left

Men now live in conditions that are less than human. -Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, 1964 At a recent conference on the life and career of Barry Goldwater, an historian described the legacy of the Republican senator and one-time presidential candidate. The scholar drew from extensive research, which included several personal [...]