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Philosophy of History

Philosophy and History

Philosophy is its time grasped in thought. –GWF Hegel


“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”
–L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between (1953)

“Anyone who has declared someone
else to be an idiot, a bad
apple, is
annoyed when it turns
out in the end
that he isn’t.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

On Categorical Cognition

The scholar tends to place things in their separate categories of analysis and attempts to make statements about causality based on those distinctions.
Yet there is something about experiencing an event or events that is lost in the subsequent translation of those events.  More often than not, experience–the ways in which events both process and get [...]


The very possibility of civilized human discourse rests upon the willingness of people to consider that they may be mistaken.
–Richard Hofstadter

The American Frontier, Empire, and Minding the Future

One of the most important yet least appreciated topics in American history (outside of academia) is that of the “frontier.” Long the purview of historians of the American West, it has reached a level of conversation that no serious historian of American culture and power (i.e., politics) can afford to ignore.  There is a large body [...]

Turkish Proverb

Who gossips to you, will gossip of you.

The Search for Community in the Early New Right and New Left

Men now live in conditions that are less than human. -Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, 1964 At a recent conference on the life and career of Barry Goldwater, an historian described the legacy of the Republican senator and one-time presidential candidate. The scholar drew from extensive research, which included several personal [...]