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Cornell Notes

Why? and How to?

April 18

The scholar who thinks but does not create is like the cloud which does not give rain.
(From Tolstoy’s Calendar of Wisdom, April 18)

Philosophy of History

Through the Looking Glass

Perspective on the Past


“[T]he more a man becomes dependent on the gadgets whose smooth functioning assures him a tolerable life at the material level, the more estranged he becomes from an awareness of his inner reality.”
Gabriel Marcel, Man Against Mass Society (1952)


Although it helps, memory is not the same thing as history.

Originality does not consist in
saying what no one
has ever said before,
but in saying exactly what
you think yourself.
–James Stephens


To err is human.
To arrr is pirate.

Anecdote: The Homeless

Summer, 2009.  Phoenix, AZ
I just returned from a trip to Los Angeles.  There, the fact of life that struck me hardest was not the traffic, though it was mostly horrendous; not the weather, which stood in wonderful contrast to that where I live; not the view of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica, which [...]


Of all human traits, perhaps the most common is misunderstanding—that we often assume we understand what we actually don’t, and act on the assumption.