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Following are selected reviews of various scholarly works, as well as a couple of exploratory essays based on such works.

Review Incorporation of America, Trachtenberg

Review of A Fierce Green Fire, by Philip Shabecoff

Review of A Life in the Struggle, by George Lipsitz

Review of Agony of the American Left, Lasch

Review of Bearing the Cross, Garrow

Review of Celia, a Slave

Review of Changes in the Land, Cronon

Review of City of Dust, by Gregg Andrews

Review of Community and Org in NL, Breines

Review of CORE, by Meier and Rudwick

Review of Corporate Ideal in the Liberal State, by James Weinstein

Review of Daring to Be Bad, Echols

Review of Eugene V. Debs, Citizen and Socialist

Review of Grass-Roots Socialism, by James Green

review of Interracial Movement of the Poor, Frost

Review of John Dewey, by Alan Ryan

review of No Place of Grace, by TJJ Lears

review of Other Side of the Sixties, Andrew

review of Personal Politics, Evans

Review of Politics of Authenticity, Rossinow

Review of Response to Industrialism

Review of Search for Order, by Wiebe

Review of SNCC, C Carson

review of Sojourner Truth, Painter

Review of Transformation of the School

Review of Triumph of Conservatism, Kolko

Review of W.E.B. DuBois Bio of a Race

Review of Wages of Whiteness

Review of Wealth of Nature, Worster

Review of Work Ethic in Industrial America

Dean, Imperial Brotherhood

Deutsch, No Separate Refuge

Hahn, A Nation Under Our Feet

Higham, Strangers in the Land

Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier

Montgomery, Fall of the House of Labor

Painter, Armageddon

Rosen, World Split Open

Ruiz, From Out of the Shadows

Sanders, Roots of Reform

Worster, Rivers of Empire

Bloch, Gender and Morality in Anglo America

Review of When Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went Away

Review of Cobble, The Other Women’s Movement

Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars

Skocpol, States and Social revolutions

Barrington Moore

Cynthia Enloe, Maneuvers

Modris Eksteins, Rites of Spring

What is History?

Hegel, Marx, Weber

EP Thompson and Marxian History

Review of Telling the Truth about History

Review of The Faces of History

Hubris, Anxiety, and Pessimism in Old Babylonian Omen Literature

The Economic Development of the Pre-College Teaching Profession in Post-war America

The Education of the New Left in Columbia, Missouri

Woodrow Wilson and Jewish Minority Rights in Poland at the End of World War I

Ambrosius, Wilsonianism

Tanguay, Strauss

Above reviews and other papers: copyright 2009, Travis Seay